PayPal is all set to release an exclusive digital wallet during this summer.

A grand event like SXSW will definitely be remembered for showcasing some finest innovations. SXSW is one place where you can catch up with the latest happenings in the field of technology and entertainment at the same time. But this year, the real highlight was all about digital payments. Initially, it started from Google Wallet and later people talked about ISIS. At last, PayPal went on to grab the show by unveiling a brand new digital wallet. Sam Shrauger, VP of global product and experience at PayPal, showed a glimpse of their next digital wallet at the SXSW. Keeping in mind about the current requirements, the PayPal has completely restructured the interface of its digital wallet to look akin to an online bank account.

In actual fact, it is considered as the one-stop-shop for operating online transactions through a mobile platform. One of the most exciting features associated with PayPal digital wallet is that it will offer you a time period of five to seven days for making a payment, which is hard to find in other payment mediums. Also, you can go for an installment plan to trim down a large amount. Last but not the least; the digital wallet will facilitate you to toggle your funding sources. PayPal has already informed that its digital wallet is expected to land somewhere in spring and it will transform the entire tradition of making payments in this digital world.