If you have signed up for early access to the RockMelt social browser, you must have received an invitation from RockMelt allowing you access to the first experience of using the browser.

Once you have received the link, click on the link provided (link can only be accessed on the basis of invitation). You will receive a download file. Once the RockMelt software gets downloaded close all existing browsers (if they are open) and allow the RockMelt browser to import your browser settings. Once the browser details have been imported, you will have to sign into Facebook and allow RockMelt to access your Facebook information i.e. only if you want to.

The new browser is certainly “estatic” as it had fused social networking, new feeds, emails and  into a neatly compact environment. On the right pane you have all your Facebook contact and on the left pane you have Twitter Feeds along with other news feeds which is certainly customizable.

The browsers design is similar to Google Chrome, which enables you to open websites efficiently. Currently you can also send invites to your friends however they are only limited in number.