The most common question piping in the minds of thousand of chatters is whether they are safe during their personal communication over the net. Recently, the most renowned social networking site the Facebook has discovered a serious security gap which allows unauthorized access of individual’s private chat messages. As a result the site has dropped down its vast chatting network and is indulged in repairing the flaw.

The security gap identified by the TechCrunch essentially relates to the Facebook where a user is able to view the entire live chat of another with just a few clicks on the mouse. Not only this, the dimension of the problem increases further since the user can also access the pending friend request of his friend’s account without his knowledge. After identifying the problem, Facebook as turned down the chatting mechanism and is displaying a message “chat is down for maintenance at this time”. According to the site the problem has been caused due to a bug in the program which temporarily allowed some people to manipulate the Preview my Profile section and view messages. It has also asked the software engineers to take up the matter urgently and come to concrete solution immediately. But till then, has decided to hang up the chatting service.

But the way in which Facebook ensures the privacy protection of its users, is highly criticized by the US Senators. Even the privacy Watchdogs are not quite satisfied with the technique of sharing information between different users registered with the site. This security leakage has raised voices from organizations against the data privacy technique provided by the social networking sites. Mr. Mark Begich the Senator of the Colorado representing the Alaska, the Senator of Minnesota Mr. Al Franken and Mr. Charles Schumer the U.S. senator jointly have asked the U.S. Federal Trade Commission for imposing strict rules to guarantee data privacy of such sites. A written document from their behalf has also been sent to the Facebook’s Chief Executive and Founder Mr. Mark Zuckerberg. The document expresses their concern regarding the vulnerable effect of the security flaw on the people in general. But in any way, the site continues to stick to the statement that it has all along given top priority on the privacy settings while maintaining a user account.

Following the words of the Vice President of the Global Communications, Mr. Elliot Schrage the latest features of the Facebook are especially developed to promote extensive social curriculum and to ensure optimum privacy. The features thus monitor the information that the users are willing to share with their friends. These also keep track regarding the exact time of information sharing and also the details of the individual with whom it is shared.

However, the Facebook users all over the world are eagerly looking forward for a reliable solution of this problem. The site has given highest priority to solve this issue and assures to resume the chatting facility within a brief period of time. It should be remembered that the social networking sites serve like a platform where people interact with friends, make new friends and shares information with them. Keeping this mind, there should be hundred percent guarantee of information privacy to avoid social nuisances.