One of the greatest concerns that people have when it comes to Facebook deals with privacy. People will want to go online and stay private on Facebook. The site has recently made some substantial changes to its privacy policy though. These changes are ones that are being debated heavily by United States senators.

The recent change to Facebook’s privacy policy states that a number of pieces of information about individual users will be made available to the public. These include such things as a user’s hometown, where that person lives right now, the interests that a person has and the friends that the user has on the site. These were originally seen as private details that could only be seen by people who were friends of a person on the site. The new privacy policy will have this data open to anyone who goes to any user’s page. This data could even be found through a search engine.

Charles Schumer, Al Franken and two other United States senators have filed a complaint to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg about this recent change. The senators are arguing that third parties could use this information to their advantage. These third parties could take personal data and abuse it in a variety of ways. These ways include working to use this data for search engine purposes.

The senators are also asking for Facebook to consider adding an option that relates to sharing data. This deals with asking a user to see if that person is willing to have one’s data shared with third parties or not.

A notable consideration for this comes from how Facebook is looking to become more transparent. It is looking to promote itself as a place that is safe for people to go to for social networking. The site can be interpreted as one that can be safe when more information about its users is available to the public.

However, the privacy of each individual user is being compromised. This is especially a concern for people who signed up for Facebook simply because of how private it is. They know that their data will not be found on a search engine with ease when they use the site.

Facebook is defending this decision. A recent statement from the site says that this decision was made as a means of allowing for a greater deal of communication between people. This is especially for cases where people can communicate with each other in local areas.

There is a possibility that the Federal Trade Commission could look into this concern. Schumer is looking to help get the FTC to work with new rules that relate to how private information is shared on a social networking site.

This case of how data is being shared on Facebook is an important case to be aware of. This is something that could end up determining how personal data is shared on social networking sites. The success or failure of the recent complaint by United States senators is going to be something to be aware of in the near future.