Recently Skype’s board of directors announced that, it has named Tony Bates, Vice president of Cisco, as the CEO of Skype. Mr. Bates is a renowned leader in communication and internet industry and he has had very good 20 years of experience in the business. Most recently he was the senior vice president of Cisco Corporation and he was responsible for over $20 billion of annual revenue and lead over 12,500 employees worldwide. He was a key figure behind Cisco three architecture Borderless network, Datacenter and networks. He was also responsible for Cisco global strategy and member of video council and business council, as the Cisco chairman told.

Tony Bates also served as the senior manager of Cisco’s service provider group and was responsible for $10 billion revenue. He is an expert in Internet technology as he has also nine patents and he served as the board of directors in YouTube, toxbox (an online video conferencing service) and  Bubblemotion (popular voice based blogging and chat service). These are some examples of his specialization in these specific business sectors.

According to Tony Bates “Skype is a leading company in internet technology and a powerful global brand”. From the year 2007, Skype has more than doubled its user base and developing products for computers and mobile phones.  Today Skype has 560 million registered users in almost every country in the world and it will continue to develop innovative product for desktop and mobile platforms.

Skype board of directors supported the appointment and they said “we are proud to have Tony as the CEO; he is s world class communication industry veteran.”