Spam is string of messages broadcasted to multiple user or single users in bulk containing fraudulent information. This is the most annoying part of Internet browsing experience  as it shows unwanted content without the consent of the user.

Mostly Spam is considered useful for  online marketing campaigns as it can used to promote any website, online tool, software or  product. It is sometimes used as questionnaire or survey form, to gather data as well. You might have also found your e-mail flooded with spam which contains messages about some product or some websites.

There are two types of spam which have different impact on the web surfing experience.These are ; Cancellable Unsent spam and Unsent spam which are aimed to different users for different purposes.

There is one more type of Spam known as e-mail spam. This is generated by creating an Unsent posting or by stealing mailing lists and sometime by looking for web addresses. After a volume of e-mails is acquired, messages are sent to the e-mail addresses,  which contain information relating to the products and services that the “Spamming” website has to offer.

With the increasing trend of social networking, Spam has become a great threat. It is actively attacking websites where multiple users are coming to share files, pictures or any kind of information.

YouTube is also one portal with millions of users where everyone shares videos and images .

Youtube was founded in the year of 2005 and now it is leading the online streaming video industry it give functionality to share videos from mobiles, websites and many more other components.

Now if the followers and popularity increase, the threat also goes high.

According to the recent statement releases by Softpedia, they have recently been receiving spam email which exactly look like the user suggestion and form section of YouTube.

The particular spam is basically intended to get more and more user information from emails and then creating its own database.

It is also found that the body of all these email are exactly similar to the from section of YouTube which is confusing so many receivers already. These email also offering friendship proposals and the way to trance your old friends easily.

The attachment of these messages is shows as “YouTube Message.html” which is a bit confusing and encouraging users to open the html link accidently. Basically this link contains malicious JavaScript to which attacks the mail filters and the Javascript and html link redirect to another website.

Although this spam can easily be recognized by reading the message completely as it is very badly spelled and there as so many grammatical mistakes, but it can be a major threat for the no English speaking users.

To keep away such issues and threats, you should always be updated your system and softwares.

You must have an updated antivirus installed on your computer with any spyware detection software.