With the increasing popularity of the system, Topix now introduces a series of new enhancements to its website. The news aggregating system that is known for offering the most recent news stories based on varying geographies has integrated a unique feature of twitter and also from Facebook. Topix.com, in the process of refreshing its functioning has introduced a feature from Twitter that sends all its users their local news stories based specifically on their geographical location, while on the other end it has also included social plug-in from Facebook on its topic pages. This will only help the website to double the total amount of news stories on its website which is closely followed by users across 38,000 towns from across the globe.

Chris Tolle, the CEO of Topix stated that these newly added features were specially designed in order to take the advantage of the socializing features that these networking websites offer its users. These new features completely change the infrastructure of the system which the website has been strictly working upon for a long time. Between the two newly added features, the Twitter localization enhancement is comparatively much more interesting than the others. Based on this feature, you no longer need to manually check or even subscribe for special topics based on the different geographical locations. Instead, all users will be directly notified about the latest news stories happening in and around their local areas by following a specially provided Twitter account known as @Topix local. Once the users enable this location feature across the social community, they will directly receive messages whenever a local news story is published. Chris Tolle further said that he had originally figured out this new idea from that of the International Space Station that features a similar functionality of sending tweets to all Twitter users based on their specific areas.

Topix also integrated the social plug-in from Facebook into its topic and the location pages but doesn’t allow its followers to directly login using their Facebook account information. According to Chris Tolle, the users of Topix who usually comment on the website seem to have a higher preference of having a “semi-anonymous profile” which hence allows them to straightaway interact with other without disclosing their real identities. Topix however, doesn’t wish to disturb this preference. Tolle thus expects that the users will further want to broadcast all their specifications and interests in a given location against a given story.

The website receives as many as 125 million page views in addition to its 14 million unique visitors every single month. However, its main focus is to connect in a better way with all its readers. Although, the main question still remains the same about “How to make the visitors to return back to the website and spend a longer time reading the content and other information.” Creating a stronger base, the website is further supported by Tribune Co., Knight Ridder and Gannett which are counted to be USA’s largest media series.