It is now official that Twitter has taken over Seattle’s Cloudhopper. However, terms of the deal for instance, financial terms of the cash and stock etc. aren’t pronounced as yet. Twitter uses Cloudhopper’s text messaging infrastructure to directly connect to mobile carrier networks around the globe. Cloudhopper develops software and infrastructure to aid an efficient flow of text messages. These services are used by companies to make Short Messaging Service (SMS) programmes that work at humungous volumes and across varied geographies. Alternately, Cloudhopper handles the text message routing in an efficient manner, with international mobile operators as their primary focal point.

This acquisition aims at further scaling the Short Messaging Service (SMS) that Twitter is offering. This service lets the users send and receive text messages on almost any device, which includes some of the mobile phones with a very modest configuration. These text messages maintain the 140 character limit, as seen across a lot of other mediums like Yahoo.

According to the announcement made on Friday by the concerned member from Twitter, their association with Cloudhopper is already eight months old. They have been working in sync with Cloudhopper in order to expand Twitter’s micro-blogging services. Twitter already processes around one billion text messages per month. It is believed that the number is steadily growing across the globe that includes regions like the U.K., the U.S. and a variety from Indonesia to Australia.

Cloudhopper has its headquarters in Seattle, Washington. It was established by Joe Lauer in late 2008. Cloudhopper claims, through its website, that it controls the mobile messaging campaigns in Europe, Africa and North America. The founder, Joe Lauer, has gladly agreed to join Twitter and hence, aided this acquisition. Lauer and colleague Kristin Kanaar are now a part of the Twitter team full-time.

The Cloudhopper buy out is the second one by Twitter this month and the fourth after Surmise, Myxer and the Tweetie iPhone app. Almost two weeks ago, Twitter had declared its controversial plan to acquire Atebits. The company is the creator of the very popular “Tweetie” client which is used largely for posting as well as getting messages from Twitter through the use of Apple iPhone. Anyhow, this take-over raised a lot of anxiety amongst the small third-party developers. They dreaded that Twitter might land up burning down their businesses if they continue to add too many features to its current services. The reason being that there are a lot of developers who have invested their funds in developing other applications for iPhone related to Twitter and the increasing number of applications added by Twitter may directly affect their businesses. On the contrary, the Cloudhopper acquisition has been pretty straight and uncontroversial.

As per the ComScore data, the total number of visitors visiting this socializing website has reached around 9.3 million. The increase they have seen in this number since February is almost 5 million or as much as 131% which is comparatively way higher than the others in the race.