Without the slightest doubt, Twitter, a renowned socializing network has developed and stretched to great bounds within the past several years. This socializing website became especially famous amongst a wide range of Singaporean users who use the networking website closely to connect with their friends and relatives. The revelation about the immense popularity of the website is particularly marked from the recently released DBI 10.2, the third installment of Digital Brand Index. This new index system is collectively developed by the social media intelligence organization, Brandtology and the global public relations company, Edelman. The freshly designed index system identifies and ranks the most popular channels, brands, and also topics which initiate new online trends.

For most people in Singapore, the system of picking up a call and chatting long hours with friends is a forgotten trend. People in the country are true followers of the new online chatting trends such as Twitter, ChannelNewsAsia Forum, MarketTalk, Hardwarezone Forum and Eat-Drink-Man-Woman. These are the top five technology conversation channels used by people in Singapore. The DBI system surveyed nearly the entire Asian market and finally concluded Twitter to being the most popularly used channel for the purpose of having technology based dialogues in Singapore. The social networking site has had the highest ascent as compared to the other socializing sites. However, the DBI system couldn’t get through Twitter based in China due to the recently passed policies by the Chinese Government.

Sanjay Nair, the Director of Technology in Edelman (SouthEast Asia) stated that ever since the study about the most popular channels began about nine months ago, a number of Forums have been constantly coming out. This regularity in the number of forums simply indicates that all major and minor brands can connect directly with their audience using these same channels without even having to change their digital approach for every quarter.

As per Nair, the rising popularity of these forums can be easily seen as a futuristic golden opportunity for all worldwide marketers. Global brands can now also build their embassies in the various socializing channels and networks, wherein the employees can serve the community’s interests and also that of their company. Nair further stated that all companies should at least try and establish manifold digital bases of operations for every single product, all through the innumerable channels on the web. This step will only help ensure that the global brands now hold the key to target a larger audience. Organizations can now achieve better results using these forums and their customized messages published on different platforms.

Apart from Twitter, a large number of people also use Facebook as a source of meeting people, conducting online discussions and displaying new news updates. The Facebook pages can be easily used by brands for creating content that attracts an enormous list of fans. Well, the DBI reports also highlighted that Google, Singtel and StarHub strongly preserved their previous top three spots of being the most recognized brands in this new quarter.