We have got some real talent and the only issue that persists is not everyone gets a change to come forth and prove them. American Idol is one of the series that has brought new sensation in the world of music with people from around the music world taking part in the competition. The process filters the best out of the best and gives us the extremely qualified musicians. This alone wouldn’t term as enough opportunities. There are still a lot of people around the world who wish to be exploited to the world of media industry on the basis of their talent and skills.


Vevo is a joint venture of some of the very reputed three music labels and YouTube. The channel had been giving quality videos on music from the top ranked musicians in the industry. They primarily focused on the many chart leaders for most of the time in order to make sure that people visited them often. The channel was basically dedicated to highlight emerging artists and off course it has been doing really well by now.

The platform features content limited on the entertainment fronts. Vevo has been giving exposure to some of the artist who were part of the associated labels or independent with their work in order to make sure that they are getting quality traffic as well. The website was to give opportunities to emerging artists but the issue was that these artists currently featured are already established into the market and are leading the charts even. Music inspirations like Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift need no exposure in the world as they would be admired wherever they would go.

The new channel:

The new channel that has been in the pipe line for quite some time is a major development though that meets the criterion for which the platform was made. This is to bring the new sensations forward and recognize them in the way they deserve. Gaga had been the leading artist that has been driving traffic to the portal but the new development would make more people become interested about he channel and the portal overall. Many of them out there are craving for opportunities to be seen and recognized. The latest channel from Vevo would certainly give them with a chance to develop.

You can easily go to the website, and upload your video to be seen by people from around the world in order to make sure that you get the type of exposure that you possibly want. this would make you visible to the whole world and a few enhancement in the website would certainly help you more making the best out of your artisan.

All that the channel and the website lacks is a mechanism of feedback for the videos so that a competition can be generated and music lovers from around the world rate the videos and make them rise on the comparative channels. In this way, ultimately, we can have a number of new sensations from around the world that would be refined in terms of talent quality. Something even better then the American Idol.