3D is the new in-thing, it is everywhere and you cannot avoid it. It is also extremely awesome and the effects and feeling of having to watch and experience any video in a three-dimensional format, captivates both young and old alike.  You Tube, who will introduce in twelve months and Blue ray movies, next month will be inputting 3D video which can be played and seen using Sony’s new 3D enabled PlayStation 3.

Transforming game Console to a full home theatre system

Mike Hawking, Sony Executive for Europe during a presentation announced the company’s move towards incorporating 3D blue-ray films as additional support by September 2010 as a firmware upgrade on PlayStation 3. Sony’s PlayStation 3 to be the first decked console to have full 3D enabled games, and the Mike Hawking said the company have all the hardware necessary to handle 3D games and movies, thanks to the Sony PlayStaion 3’s compatibility with HDMI 1.4 connection; because of it they can automatically detect the size and the 3D hardware in any connected television or personal computer it is linked with. Making Sony PlayStation 3 adaptable to support almost all the new 3D technologies as soon as simple boost in the form of updated required software and firmware are made available to the console and the connected units. Sony’s new PlayTV, will help this vision of Sony to come alive, which is an exclusive TV network for PlayStation 3 owners who can stream content in 3D to play on their consoles. Although, Nintendo already has 3D enabled Nintendo 3DS, a handheld console releasing in March 2011 with specialized technology that eliminates the use of  any physical controllers.

Emergence of three-dimensional content

YouTube announcement of supporting 3Dsoon there will be several television manufactures introducing new machines that can run 3D videos and also help Sony PlayStation 3’s 3D content to be run. . Also with PlayStation 3 you can take 3D pictures and using the camcorder capture 3D videos, and play it back on your television screens and/or eventually upload on YouTube.  With the wide range of content available on YouTube, adding 3D content will just double the opportunities and the timing of all these is right with 3D being the new chosen route for visual media.

Is our future 3D?

Currently only handheld consoles running 3D enabled games now, and soon with more manufactures and Sony PlayStation 3; almost all gamers except for Microsoft and Xbox, who have not announced or rumored to channel in the 3D market; is fully or more than partially on board with the 3D bandwagon. With several game manufactures already coming out with new 3D enabled games for all games stations and consoles. We all will soon be in a three-dimension infiltrated world.

You Tube and Google have already started experimenting with 3D, they have also introduced higher then HD resolution compatible videos, along with the capability of 3D. Blue Ray movies much awaited release next month will begin the 3D bandwagon and everyone will see 3D posters and marketing enticements for us to have a PlayStation and play games and indulge in the world of 3D.