Facebook has officially outrunned Orkut and has take over the substantial lead in the race of the most users on a social networking site. It is now just behind Twitter in terms of population. This has led to a tremendous increase in value and its stake is now selling like hot cakes in market.

The white and blue simple interface with touch of sophistication was always lacking from other social networking sites. The trump card for Facebook is its own markup language along with added features suck as “poke”, ”wall” and advanced privacy settings which arehelpful to conduct the social networking without irritating you with constant friend requests. The simple interface has increased its popularity to such a high level with more than 600 million users and half of them online at any given point of time in a day. One of the stake holders in Facebook , Digital sky Tech. which a Russian firm recently increased its stake by further ten percent by heavily investing the company and making its hold further strong in the firm.

The major newspaper and news analyst after hearing this news were very affirmative about the growth of the company and said that the total worth of the site has increased by more than two billion dollars. There were further reports,  that the firm is still going to invest more than one billion dollars to make it presence felt large in the social networking business and after that it’ll rope in the Chinese Internet service provider Tencent to invest by more than three hundred million dollars in Facebook and then later cash in on the profits.

Facebook has its presence felt in almost all the countries with major revenue makers which are located developed countries like America, Britain, Canada and developing countries like India and China. With Zynga also in its back rope,Digital Sky Tech is planning to invest a hundred and eighty million dollars in it, as it believes Zynga is a great source of generating revenues through its gaming model. According to Digital Sky Tech, it will be able to recover its investment in both Facebook and Zynga within a year or so, as it believes Facebook is going to climb the ladder of success by attracting more users which lead to increase in its over all value and more investment from other investors, at that time it may think of cashing out on high value money. While for zynga it believes the concept of the games is based on generating revenue easily as its easily prompt the user to buy a coupon or two.

It can easily be said that the population Facebook is going to soon reach one billion mark and thus will be market value which allows it investors to cash in on all the investment they had earlier done.

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