Competitions on market industry especially with regards to technology and internet connection have increased much because of so many competitors.

Most of the companies are targeting new innovations and creations to bring a new trend to networks and software down to applications and devices. A great strategy to bring out the best and avoid decrease of revenue and increase of expense is of great challenge to all of them.

But some companies have been a victim to time and have gone through this difficult process of coping up to the tough competition on hand.

This is what happens to the revenue of Yahoo Corporation today.

The fluctuation of revenue

Carol Bartz, the newly hired CEO of Yahoo, is now experiencing a great challenge in terms of making the revenue of the corporation back to normal.

The fluctuation event of revenue has made great damage to the corporation, making their market partners and investors in doubt to recover from its current state.

Although Bartz somehow have made an increase to the revenue for at least 4 percent, it is still very disappointing news, compared to other companies like Google who have increase to as much as 24 percent from its last revenue to think that they have the same source of income.

But even though with not great results, Bartz still continue aiming for an increase on their revenue. Indeed, she was able to increase the revenue up to 10 percent by cutting off and limiting expenses.

With the following status of the company, it would be difficult for them to vision that stability for the next coming years, whether it would increase, decrease or stay still.

Supporting resources

With the current status, Yahoo Corporation made a deal and came into partner with the Microsoft Corporation.

Microsoft as one of the biggest and growing sellers of computer software and devices, it would be a great opportunity of Yahoo to go hand in hand and accompany their software to the latter’s web applications and browsing.

With high hopes together, Yahoo took part of maintaining its standard offers to their consumers and putting much effort to get them back and make them trust the Corporation again.

Latest update

Currently, Yahoo’s search share has been stabilized but still, its advertising market continues to run down.

Many investors have been declining and getting back offers because of the unstable status of the Company and don’t want to take their risk.

With this regard, Yahoo has been focusing its attention to providing their remaining consumers some great treats of news and entertainment to finance and banking. Others include new software and applications or tools.

A double time effort is running into the environment of the Corporation.


Although with a doubtful strategy, Bartz still on her way of cutting off expenses and doing the best to remain its revenue stand still despite some loss.

The corporation is doing their best to regain what had lost and return to the normal status they got way back.

They are forming a new strategy also to build back the advertising section and attract the consumers once again.