YouTube started up as a video sharing service but has gained considerable popularity by now where half the world knows the portal now. YouTube is visited by around 100 million users daily that means that refers to an active server throughout the time. The website is termed as the 3rd most visited around the World Wide Web with every user staying over for 20 minutes during one visit while an average of 60 seconds is spent on a page. The website is certainly entertaining a lot of people every day.

Site issues

Google has been recently reported to have faced outages that have causing discomfort to users from around the world. Recently, YouTube came up with an instance where it displayed HTTP 503 “service unavailable” errors last week. The hike was reported to have been due to the videos added to the Old Spice channel on YouTube. The page did attract a number of people from around the different corners around the world through its content and drove tremendous traffic towards the page. The videos game up as no less than a virus that the brand posted on YouTube. The traffic was more intense then a flood created.

The server displayed an error: “Server Error; the server encountered a temporary error and could not complete your request. Please try again in 30 seconds”. There were a number of visitors who came across this content. The request was not completed because of no response from the server due to the intense traffic on it already due to the channel videos added. The server stayed down for quite some time but was back up pretty soon.

The Upcoming solution

Though there have been reports and statements that it was only because of the Old Spice channel that resulted into tremendous traffic ultimately causing the error in the server. There seems to be other errors in the server as well. The engineers at YouTube have reported to discover those issues and they state that they are going to work on the error and try to improve the situation pretty soon. The site is expected to respond slowly in the near future and it will be back with the complete functionality quite soon.

Officials even tried to access the Old Spice account on Twitter to have their comments about the issue but there seems to be no word from them by now. The company is making male grooming products as being a subsidiary company of Proctor and Gamble. The advertisements are all quite attractive and attract a great deal of people from all around the world in the innovative ideas. This generated traffic bulk on the YouTube server resulting into temporary server down.

The issue did, however, benefit YouTube in a way to analyze one of the minor flaws in the system that might have resulted into a major crash in the future. The engineers now have the chance to fix the issue and get rid of the possible cause resulting into frequent outages.