Google is always miles ahead in technology and future foresighted. Last year when Google’s YouTube allowed users to upload videos in 1080p, analysts didn’t see any reason why it will be as popular as it is now today. On Friday, July 9th 2010 the company announced they will be allowing filmmakers to upload videos in resolutions in 4K, from the usual 2K. So now on you can watch and upload videos ranging between 360 pixels to 4K (provided you have the expensive 4K cameras) on YouTube

4096 x 2304 video

Full HD today is the 1920 x 1080 pixels, also referred as the 2K, but the new 4K videos run on 4096 x 2304 pixels, which is basically four times the sixe of 1080p; promising unparallel high quality video watching experience. Ideally these videos are not your regular computer screen friendly and to some extend you Home theater or regular TV flat screen friendly; because not many videos are made in 4K since hardware both to produce videos, like the camera gear and viewing hardware to see the video, including the projectors and screens and extremely expensive for now.

Hardware required

As mentioned above the videos currently on YouTube was shot using expensive cameras used largely now on heavy visual frenzy Hollywood blockbuster films, the camera is called the Red One and is price tagged at about USD 20 thousand. The projector to display the video costs up to an additional 50 percent more than the camera cost and is estimated between USD 10,000 – 30,000, this maybe because the projectors are close to the size of a mini refrigerator. A screen size of at least 25 feet high is needed to truly capture the experience a 4K video can bring to you. Currently, even IMAX uses only 2Kresolution projectors.

Forward thinking

The simple answer to the question raising in your head as to why would anyone want to support a video resolution, if there is nothing currently available to widely support this high resolution videos; is wait and see when you get the opportunity to experience video in its totality. Google is taking more than four steps in their competition with fellow footage rivals sites like Vimeo.

Many of the reviewers experienced a hard time watching the four videos, currently added to the play list on YouTube created by filmakers with access to 4K camera, since you need extremely high speed internet and better output hardware’s, since if watching on the original 4K, the video will stutter endlessly, and it is no real fun watching the video on your computer screen web browser, since your browsers will crash and even if it does play you might be not feel there is any significant different in the output, mainly because it will be automatically scaled down to fit your output screen resolution.  To watch the video’s on 4K you would have to manually select the option called ‘Original’ from the video quality pull down menu, usually towards the bottom right hand corner of the YouTube video.