YouTube has released a new feature that allows user to make appeals on videos that have been removed due to violations against their terms of usage and community guidelines.

The old video removal procedure

Hundreds of videos are being uploaded on YouTube daily. So much content is being uploaded that it is becoming increasingly difficult for all videos to be checked before being placed on the site. YouTube relies on automatic solutions that are bent on a flagging system, which greatly depends on user interactivity to function. If a video violates the terms of use, it is up to users to flag it for the YouTube staff to review and remove it.

The problems with user-based video removal

Unfortunately, this system has seriously been abused by obnoxious users, resulting in the removal of videos that do not actually break any rules. Likewise, many accounts are falsely banned if they have multiple flagged videos. This happens because users with videos removed for a violation receive negative strikes on their account. Naturally, account with enough negative strikes will not only become infamous, but eventually banned. This spectacle was a great pestilence for many users became victims of such abuse. Some regular users had to make new accounts to continue uploading their videos, having to go in great depth of explanation and patience to secure their new accounts from being falsely banned again.

The new video removal procedure

YouTube finally created a solution to this problem. “As you can imagine, with the massive volume of videos on our site, sometimes we make the wrong call,” YouTube wrote in a blog post. “Last week we launched a more accessible appeals process, designed to make it easier for you to contest a takedown and a strike against your account for a Community Guidelines violation.” The new appeal process is very simple. Here are the steps towards contesting your strikes: • You will only have to log into your account • Acknowledge the notice of the “Community Guidelines Strike” • Go to “Manage Account” in “Account Status” • Click on “Appeal this decision” Following that procedure, the appeal will then be reviewed. If the video did not violate any guidelines, it will be restored on the site and any negative flags on your account will be removed. “After we review your appeal, if we find that your video did not violate our Community Guidelines after all, we will reinstate it and remove the strike from your account,” YouTube said. “We’ll also send you an e-mail letting you know the result of your appeal request.” YouTube continues to make sure its customers are fully satisfied with their services. The implementation of this new procedure for the flagging of videos will protect many users who may have suffered from unjust flagging. This feature will also allow better communication between YouTube and its daily viewers.