Computer technology has seen major developments in the millennia. We have come a long way from the days of the Analytical engine. Now super computers calculating astronomical sums are used by institutions like NASA. Computers have virtually permeated almost all spheres of life.

However, cyber crimes and online threats have grown in alarming proportions owing to this explosion in the use of computers. Moreover, the menace of malfunction and loss of data have become major hindrances in the lives of millions. Thus, it takes no time for a minor problem like software installation to escalate and become a major issue like a system crash or identity theft. Moreover, in the case of small business holdings an incident like a blue screen of death can result in a substantial loss of business. There is an urgent need for stepping up the security of your computer systems before things get out of hand.

A wide range of services are included under technical services. Technical complaints ranging from a system crash to installation of software or even value added services like PC optimization come under technical services. Remote access and remote desktop support are other remarkable features of online technical services. With remote access the customers can conveniently resolve their technical complaints.

In the field of online technical support we at iYogi have made our mark. Through consistent effort, our detail- oriented tech experts have managed to achieve an 86% rate of resolution and 95% rate of customer satisfaction. Our customers are not only provided first-rate technical services but also excellent software products like iYogi Support Dock absolutely free of cost.

With just a nominal amount of $169 and 99 cents you can subscribe to the services of our iYogi certified technicians. They will help resolve your software related technical complaints for your PC. Moreover, they will also assist you in setting up and connecting the printer, scanner, route and modem to your PC.

We at iYogi have various support services ranging from computer and internet setup to virus disinfection and device setup. When it comes to technical complaints, you can trust us to do a good job.

Remote desktop support from iYogi – the answer for all your technical complaints

The world of computer repair has seen drastic changes because of the latest innovations in computer technology.

The advent of remote desktop support has enabled individuals to resolve their technical complaints with just a simple phone call. Business holdings have benefited the most because now they don’t have to take their computers to a technician or wait for one to arrive and fix it.

What is remote access support?

Remote customer support is the latest development in the field of online customer support. It aims at providing resolutions to technical complaints keeping in mind the convenience of the consumer. Technical complaints can now be resolved by tech experts remotely accessing your computer. Thus, things can be done without wasting your time and energy.

Benefits of remote customer support:

Customers can now grant remote access to their computers. What this means is that using a specific software technicians can now treat your computer on their own. This saves you time and energy.

Moreover, using remote access iYogi tech experts can also optimize your PC for you. Optimization of your PC includes services like customization of your computer settings to establishing internet connectivity to installation of software programs.

Why is iYogi the leading name in remote access support?

iYogi has managed to grow considerably within a short span of time. We have more than five thousand technical specialists working day and night, providing solutions to the technical complaints of our customers.

Our iYogi certified tech experts are outstanding when it comes to providing remote tech support. Along with excellent customer service, our tech experts provide quick and effective solutions to the technical complaints of our consumers. Along with providing resolution to technical problems regarding your PC we also provide expert solutions to software issues for computer peripherals like printers, scanners, routers etc.

Technical complaints and their resolution from iYogi experts

Information technology sector has witnessed a revolution in the 21st century. Every minute the role of computers is growing in the lives of millions. Computers today play a pivotal role in the lives of people.

In such a time, any hardware or software related problems can waste the precious time and hard earned money of people. What is of utmost importance is to keep computers systems safe and secure. Qualified technical specialists can do this for customers by providing efficient and effective resolution to their technical complaints.

iYogi tech experts ensure that their customers do not suffer from technical glitches. Apart from making sure that there’s no tampering of the files in the computer, our tech experts also provide value added services like PC optimization. Technical complaints like the installation or upgradation of software for routers, browsers, printers, modems are also attended to by our tech experts.

The best part is that, iYogi technicians can also resolve the technical complaints of our customers by taking remote access.  A few short years ago, people took their computers to a repair shop or contacted a technician to come fix it. But now they no longer have to do that. Our technicians will take remote control over your computer, with your prior consent, and resolve all technical complaints and issues.

Our iYogi tech experts serve customers from four different countries. We have maintained a customer satisfaction rate of 95%. Our dexterous technicians can manage abstruse problems regarding your PC  and resolve over 100 software related  technical complaints. All kinds of technical complaints from registry issues to software installation procedures are handled by our skilled tech experts. Major issues like a system crash which can wipe away all the important data in your computer are also resolved by our tech experts.

Subscribe to our technical support service today and enjoy the added benefit of software products like iYogi Support Dock at no extra charge.