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What’s so different with Tor browser

Tor (The Onion Router) browser hides all your online activity and location and routes all your browsing through different anonymous servers and hence conceals where you are and who is really online. Sounds interesting? To try this Tor browser out, by reaching to us. Here are the details.

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Why you need Tor browser

Just because Tor hides your browsing activity, doesn’t make it dangerous or illegal. It simply means, it is a good way to access websites that leaving an internet trace behind. It also lets you access the deep web that is an internet within the internet and not indexed by search engines and websites that end with .onion extension. Here are some things that Tor browser can do for you:

• Access to internet when DNS server are broken
• Avoid advertising trackers
• Fast speed and untraceable browsing

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Things to know about Tor browser

Tor browser works more or less the same way as Firefox, however it is a bit different. However, when we talk about the speed, it will not be as fast, simply because it is moving traffic around much more. Tor works hard to protect your privacy, however if you have downloaded additional plugins, then it may not be able to provide the same level of privacy.

Further, while using Tor, it is important that you don’t submit information to websites that don’t display a blue or green button in the browser address bar. This bar indicates a secure https connection and if the website is not displaying this bar, then you shouldn’t submit your details there.

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Tor browser is definitely different than the other browsers out there. It gives you privacy and lets you remain in incognito mode even without going private. Of course, you also get to access sites that are off the radar of public browsers. To manage such a browser, without any technical glitch, call us on the round the clock Tor support contact phone number. Our technicians will help fix any issue with the browser and let you work as you require.

Here are the services provided for Tor browser.

• Download and install the latest version of any browser
• Manage all updates of browsers
• Manage third party cookie settings
• Complete privacy control
• Pop up manager
• Firewall configuration and setting
• Antivirus support and compatibility check
• Blocking malicious websites
• Parental control settings
• Unlimited tech support for all browser issues

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