Get started with VidAngel right away

VidAngel is majorly a live video streaming and filtering service that can help you watch movies without you having to tolerate bad language and objectionable scenes. So, you get good quality and latest movies that you can enjoy with your whole family. VidAngel is not limited to only video streaming. In fact, it also has TV series that you can enjoy at a click of a button. If you want to get started with VidAngel, just create your account with VidAngel and you are all set to start.

Enjoying movies now in your control

If you want to be in total control of your entertainment package, then VidAngel is the best solution for you. VidAngel scores a movie before they add it to their library of different categories like profanity, bad language etc. All you have to do is just turn off whatever you don’t wish to view. You can skip complete scenes that you find objectionable, when viewing with family. Here are some of the features that make VidAngel so great.

  • Complete free to select filtering options on your finger tips
  • Sell and lend edited videos as you like
  • Compatible with all major desktop and mobile platforms
  • Live streaming of videos anytime and any device

How does VidAngel Work

VidAngel is a live streaming service and you need to buy a subscription to keep it activated. To access VidAngel successfully, it has to be configured on your mobile, TV or laptop and then filters incorporated. To help you manage your VidAngel account in the best way and fix any errors that may come up in the computer, call on our support phone number and get started immediately. Our technicians are available round the clock and can configure and install VidAngel on your preferred device. Further, it can guide you through the different filters and what’s the best way to activate and use them. Here are some of the services provided for VidAngel:

  • Round the clock unlimited support for your computer
  • Configure and install software on your selected device
  • Check for any compatibility issues that can come in account setup
  • Manage multiple subscriptions for your computer
  • Set up and manage multiple filters
  • Check for connectivity issues
  • Manage account settings

Enjoy VidAngel and watch you want and whenever you want. If you get stuck with computer technical issues, you can always connect with us and enjoy your subscription uninterrupted.


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