Howsoever important be the content of your flowchart, if it is not laid properly, you cannot get the desired impact. This goes without saying that a flowchart limits the scope of your content in terms of presentation. But what if the same flowchart gives you the flexibility to experiment with its varied features? What if you get an opportunity to enhance the impact despite the limitations posed by the geometrical boxes? The answer is you will have an impactful Microsoft 2007 document, which is not only structured in a homogeneous manner but is also visually appealing and attractive to look at. You can achieve all this and much more with the Smart Art option. Be it repositioning the boxes, changing their size or giving them a 3-D effect; you can do it all with the SmartArt flowcharts while working on your Windows Vista PC.

1. Open “Word” document
2. Create a flow chart in Microsoft Word 2007
3. Under “SmartArt Tools”, on the “Design” tab, in the “SmartArt Styles” group, click the SmartArt Style that you want
4. To see more SmartArt Styles, click the
“More” button and then select the SmartArt Style that you want

Make use of SmartArt and say yes to emphatic designs.