Windows Vista is still very much in use by many people. It has some great features that highlight the benefits of using it on our system. The taskbar is a long horizontal bar at the bottom of the screen. It is visible all the times and allows you to view all the programs that are active. If, however, you feel that this taskbar is hampering the full-view of your Window screen and you are not able to concentrate on your work, then, you can always hide taskbar by following the below mentioned steps that will guide on how to hide taskbar on a Windows Vista based PC:

1. Click on the “Start” button
2. Click “Control Panel”
3. Click “Appearance and Personalization” and then click on “Taskbar and Start Menu”
4. Clear the “Lock the taskbar” check box
5. Select the “Auto-hide taskbar” check box, and then click “OK”

With such enhanced features in Windows Vista, you can change the settings as per your preferences. Just follow the easy and simple steps mentioned above to learn the procedure of hiding the taskbar on a Windows Vista based PC. These steps will certainly help you a great deal if you are perplexed about this process of hiding the taskbar.