Did you think that animation was limited to the cartoon strips and your kid’s channel? Well, if that is the case, you need to get your facts right. Animation is extensively used in the flowcharts to enhance the impact and appeal of your content while working on a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. There are a number of layouts for you to experiment with. You can even add an image to illustrate your content in a proper manner while working on your Windows Vista PC. A flowchart drawn in a PowerPoint lends a great structure to your content, which can be further improvised and highlighted by animate flow chart boxes. You can even use clipart or other static elements to illustrate and animate your flowchart.

Follow a few easy-to-perform steps and a great animate flow chart is just a few clicks away. Get started now.

1. Open “Microsoft PowerPoint 2007”
2. Create a flow chart in “Microsoft PowerPoint 2007”
3. On the “Animations” tab, in the “Animations” group, click “Animate”, and then select the animation preset from list which you want to use

Wasn’t that an easy jig? Just a few added elements and your flowchart develops an expression of its own.