Personal Computers have simplified our professional as well as personal lives very efficiently. There are many features that further make our work simpler like for saving time, we make icons of most useful programs on the Quick Launch toolbar. However, sometimes this toolbar has so many icons that we decide not to put any more icons there. So, in that case, other programs used often can be pinned to the Start menu of Windows Vista. Fortunately, you can pin just about anything to the upper-left corner of the Start menu quickly and easily.

Let’s have a look on the steps that are given below on how to pin a program to the Start menu on Windows Vista:

1. Right-click the program icon you want to pin to the Start menu
2. And then click “Pin to Start Menu”
3. Verify that the program has been listed in the start menu.

When you know better you do better!

Once again to be clear about the pinning of the program in the Start menu, you can read the above mentioned steps or you can also visit the link that is given below to make yourself clear about how to pin a program to the Start menu in the Windows Vista: