Apart from the in-built features of a computer, so many times, additional components are added to your device. These are mostly external components added to enhance and support some of the key functions of your computer. For instance, you might have a chip to increase the memory of your computer or a cartridge to add graphics or simply some other expansion boards. These add-ins can help you enhance your output both qualitatively and quantitatively, while working on your Microsoft Word 2007 document. But what if you don’t know that these exist at all? The answer is that there presence or absence will make no difference and these device buddies will go unused. On the other hand, you can try and detect these. You can follow some very easy steps which can help you identify all the add-ins that are installed in your Windows Vista PC. Become aware about them to enjoy an enriching experience and output. Here’s how:

1. Open a Word document
2. Click the “Microsoft Office Button
3. Click “Word Options”, and then click “Add-Ins”
4. View the add-ins and application extensions that are categorized as:
• “Active Application Add-ins”
• “Inactive Application Add-ins”:
• “Document Related Add-ins”
• “Disabled Application Add-ins”