One of the most interesting aspects of working on a Windows 2007 PC is the extent of flexibility it offers you in terms of tailoring your content as per the need. It understands that the utility of a document is not limited to a specific usage or occasion and might need to be changed or altered from time to time. It might be re-used several times with a slight modification here and there. Apart from normal word documents, you can even make changes to an image flowchart in no time by adding or deleting boxes. This helps you add or remove details thus adding a greater meaning to the desired purpose and outcome of the document. All you need is to take a stock of the images that need to be removed or keep the images ready that you wish to add. Flowcharts are a great way to present your illustrative content and adding or deleting a great toll to help you customize them while working on your Windows Vista PC. Let us learn how:

1. Open “Word” document
2. Create a flow chart in Microsoft Word 2007


1. Click the “SmartArt” graphic that you want to add a box to
2. Click the existing box that is located closest to where you want to add the new box
3. Under “SmartArt Tools”, on the “Design” tab, in the “Create Graphic” group, click the arrow under “Add Shape”
4. You can either:
• Click “Add Shape After” to insert a box at the same level as the selected box but following it
• Click “Add Shape Before” to insert a box at the same level as the selected box but before it

to delete box from the flowchart

1. Click the border of the box you want to delete
2. And then, press “DELETE”

Your revised document with the image flowchart is all set to go.