Discretion is the key to any kind of data. The extent and depth of information sharing completely depends on the owner of the information. While you may perform a number of actions around your data, you might actually put in a lot of thought before sharing it with larger audience. For instance, in a number of cases, you might have made use of a data summarization tool like PivotTable. This feature reflects all your sorting, addition or averages in a separate parallel table. But while sharing the information, you might want to delink the PivotTable from your standard table. When you do that be cautious about the fact that while delinking the PivotTable, the Pivot report gets delinked too. Well, you do not need a lot of technical expertise to achieve it. All you need are a few easy steps and you can exercise your freedom of sharing the data. Here’s how:


1. Click the PivotTable report.
2. Click on the “Options” tab, in the “Actions” group, click “Select”, and then click “Entire PivotTable”.
3. Press “DELETE”.


1. Select the PivotChart report.
2. Press “DELETE”.

It might have sounded a bit complicated in the beginning, but now you know it is not really the case.