Images are an integral part for expressing your ideas. They can enhance the impact of your communication to a large extent. Especially in case of a computerized version, the images play a major role. Be it clip art, illustrations or still images, you can add any kind of images to your document. There are a number of ways for adding an image to a Microsoft word document while working on a Windows 7-based PC. You can insert an image from any location of your desktop or you can copy paste it from another destination to your preferred page. But there is another way of adding an image to your document…you can simply pull a picture from a web page in case of Microsoft Word 2007. Yes, you can do it without actually downloading the image. All you need to do is follow certain quick and easy steps and enhance the visual appeal of your document.

1. Open the Word document
2. Open Internet Explorer
3. From the Web page, drag the picture that you want into the Word document

So, follow just three simple steps and you are sorted. Your document is all set to be used.