What is your definition of a good communication? Is it something that is engaging? Is it something that is informative and interactive? Or is it something well-thought and well-structured? Well, actually all of it. Apart from thinking it right, representing it in a logical manner is also something that matters a lot and enhances the appeal of the written content. One thing that really helps in this direction is a well-laid out flowchart where every single thought has a specific positioning and adds to the meaning of subsequent flow boxes. Once you have designed a flowchart, you must revisit it to see if all the boxes are falling in a logical flow. If not, you can consider moving a box from one place to another while working on your Windows 7 PC. This can be done in few easy steps after you have identified the alternate location of the boxes that need to be moved. Before presenting or sharing the flowchart drawn in a Microsoft Word  2007 document with anyone, first and foremost, you have to be convinced. So let’s revisit the flow and move a box to get a clearer output.

1. Create a flow chart in Microsoft Word 2007

To move a box:

1. Click the box
2. And then, drag it to its new location

To move a box in very small increments:

1. Hold down the “CTRL” key while you press the “arrow” keys on your keyboard

Now compare the revised version with the previous one. The difference in terms of clarity will simply amaze you.