Add-ins are a critical element when it comes to enjoying advanced features on your computer. These are more like extended applications that supplement the functionality of your computer. Be it increasing speed, adding memory or enhancing graphic features, the add-ins can simply amplify the efficiency of your work and the impact of your document. In many cases, you may not be aware but these may be already installed on your Windows 7 PC but need to be identified. You need to follow few steps to be able to locate the add-ins so that you can use them to the fullest. You can even chose to activate certain deactivated add-ins once you are able to locate them. The procedure mentioned below will help you enjoy a smooth sail while creating a Microsoft PowerPoint. Let us get started:

1. Open Microsoft PowerPoint
2. Click the “Microsoft Office Button”
3. Click “PowerPoint Options”, and then click “Add-Ins”
4. View the add-ins and application extensions that are categorized as:
• “Active Application Add-ins”
• “Inactive Application Add-ins”
• “Document Related Add-ins”
• “Disabled Application Add-ins”