You can create separate files and folders when you are sharing a computer with others at home. But in many cases you get devoid of information or the desired knowledge about a number of aspects that can enhance your efficiency while working on any kind of document. But now you can check about the add-ins and available application extensions through a few easy steps. Within application add-ins, you can get to know about varied sub-categories like “Active Application Add-ins”, “Inactive Application Add-ins”, “Document Related Add-ins” and “Disabled Application Add-ins”. Once you browse these categories, you can easily find out the add-ins that can be used to support your content and can use them as desired while working on your Microsoft Word 2007 document. These are usually external features attached to your Windows 7 PC and can be used to help you perform with greater efficacy. Let us see how you can access them:

1. Open Microsoft Excel
2. Click the “Microsoft Office Button”
3. Click “Excel Options”, and then click “Add-Ins”
4. View the add-ins and application extensions that are categorized as:
• “Active Application Add-ins”
• “Inactive Application Add-ins”
• “Document Related Add-ins”
• “Disabled Application Add-ins”