The error 0XC000014C is one of the Windows startup errors that is likely to come up when starting the computer. This is not a common Windows error. What it signifies is that the operating system is unable to access critical files that are necessary for the proper startup.


What causes Boot Manager Error 0XC000014C

The error 0XC000014C can be caused by different factors that include:

  • Corrupt boot configuration data (BCD) that is caused by power outage or improper shutdown
  • Corrupt files caused by virus or malware infection, incomplete uninstallation of some files or deletion of a dependent software or application
  • A new installed hardware
  • Certain bad sectors on the hard disk due to power outage or improper shutdown of the computer


Here are some DIY solutions that can help you fix the error 0XC000014C in no time.

Solution 1: Remove Hardware

This solution is when there is a damaged or new hardware that is causing conflicts.

  1. Remove all attached hardware except for the mouse and keyboard
  2. Restart computer and check if the error is fixed

Solution 2: Boot To Last Known Good Configuration

With regular install and uninstall of apps, there is sometimes some interference in system configurations. Boot the last known good configuration before the error occurred and fix the error 0xc000014c.

  1. Restart the computer
  2. Press F8 or F12
  3. Select ‘last known good configuration’ or the startup options screen

Your computer should now be able to restart automatically. Check and see if the operating system is now able to boot smoothly. This indicates that the error has been resolved.

Solution 3: Check And Repair Damaged System Files

  1. Press Win and X key together to open up the command prompt
  2. Type ‘sfc /scannow’ and press ENTER

The built in system file will start running automatically. It will also throw up a report at the end showing the repaired files or no damaged files found. If the tool reports to find some damaged and fixed files, restart your computer and once more check if the error code is resolved.

Solution 4: Check To Repair Bad Sectors In The Hard Disk

  1. Press Win and X key together to open up the command prompt
  2. Type ‘chkdisk’ (space)/C (space)/f (space)/r (space)/x.
  3. Press ENTER

The built in disk check utility will start to run automatically. The utility will check, find and fix the bad sectors. Once complete, restart the computer and see if the error 0xc000014c is resolved.

Solution 5: Repair Damaged or Corrupt Boot Configuration Data

  1. Power on your computer even though it doesn’t boot
  2. Insert the Windows operating system installation media (DVD or USB) in the right drive
  3. Restart the computer and then press F12 to boot the computer from the installation media
  4. Click to ‘repair your computer’
  5. Click Troubleshoot > Advanced options> Command Prompt
  6. Type ‘bootrec/fixmbr’ in the prompt and press ENTER
  7. Type ‘bootrec/fixboot’ and press ENTER
  8. Next type ‘bootrec/scanos’ and press ENTER
  9. Type‘bootrec/rebuild’ and press ENTER.

Let all commands run before you remove the installation media and then restart your computer to check if the computer boots normally.