The error code 0x8002801C is a Windows registry related issue and can occur in any version of Windows operating system. The primary set back of this is the slow down of the computer, making it difficult for the operating system to boot.

The error code 0x8002801C can be followed by the following error messages:

  • Dll register server Failed Code: 0X8002801c is missing
  • Remove Dll register server Failed Code: 0X8002801c
  • Download Dll register server Failed Code: 0X8002801c
  • Dll register server Failed Code: 0X8002801c virus
  • Install Dll register server Failed Code: 0X8002801c
  • Reinstall Dll register server Failed Code: 0X8002801c
  • Dll register server Failed Code: 0X8002801c crash

It is very important to pay close attention to the accompanying messages that flash with this error code. This helps in understanding what exactly is causing the error.

Reasons why you are getting error code 0x8002801C

  • Missed DLL files got deleted or reconfigured by error
  • Damaged or corrupt files due to virus or malware infection
  • Hardware or software conflicts
  • Firewall issues with the antivirus
  • Uninstalled updates causing system conflicts
  • Incomplete installation of software
  • Improper shutdown of computer

The most common scenario when you may encounter this error is when you boot your computer or after installation of third party software. The error can also happen after hardware installation where the hardware is not compatible with computer settings.

DIY Solutions to fix DllregisterserverFailed Error Code 0X8002801C

The error code 0x8002801C is not a very serious issue, however you just need to fix it. Here are some DIY solutions that can fix this error code.

Solution 1: Run Antivirus Software

  1. Click on your active antivirus and run a deep scan to check any malicious programs
  2. You can also try to disable the program and check if that resolves the issue

Note: This solution works only when the Registry files are not damaged

Solution 2: Check for Uninstalled Updates or Incomplete Software Installations

  • Check and see if there are uninstalled system updates causing conflicts
  • Check all recently installed software and check if the install is complete
  • Check if all recently uninstalled software is completely uninstalled

Solution 3: Run System File Checker Utility

  1. Press together Win + R and open Command Prompt
  2. Type ‘sfc/scannow’ and then press ENTER
  3. The built-in file checker will automatically start. The utility will check and repair any damaged file that could lead to error code 0x8002801C
  4. Once complete, restart the computer and check programs to see if the issue persists.

Solution 4: Run System Restore

  1. Click on Start/Windows
  2. Type, ‘System Restore’ in the search box
  3. Click, ‘Create a restore point’
  4. Click, ‘System Restore’ on the system properties pop up
  5. Pick a recent restore point when there are no issues

Your computer should now automatically restart and use the old configurations that was working without any issues.