5 Quick Ways to Fix Error Code 0X80071A90

There can be multiple reasons for the error code 0x80071a90 to come up. For some customers, this error message comes up when trying to install the .net framework on Windows 10. The error code will say, “The function attempted to use a name that is reserved for use by another Transaction”. The error can also come when trying to add the Hyper-V feature in Windows 8 and 10. Here are five quick ways to fix this error.

DIY Solutions to FIX Error Code 0X80071A90 On Windows

Solution 1: Check System Files

This method helps identify and fix any errors with the help of the System File Checker. The tool find and repair corrupt files. Further, if a Windows Resource Protection (WRP) is corrupt or missing in the system, then the operating system will not function as expected. Here is how to do it.

  1. Right click on the Windows icon and select ‘Command Prompt’ with Admin access
  2. Type ‘sfc/scannow’ and press Enter
  3. Let the process complete 100% and throw up the results for you
  4. Check if the error code is resolved

If you get the message ‘Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations’ then it means that the tool didn’t find any corrupt files.

Solution 2: Disable Antivirus

  1. Check the status of your installed antivirus
  2. Right click and disable the antivirus
  3. Restart your computer and check if the error code is fixed

Solutions 3: Safe Mode

  1. Restart the computer and then press F8 while it boots up
  2. Select ‘Safe Mode’ and then boot
  3. If there are any third party software, then the safe mode will disable it
  4. If the error code doesn’t show in the safe mode, then disable the security software and any third party software or background apps
  5. Now boot in the normal mode and check if the error is resolved.

Solution 4: Perform A Clean Boot

  1. Right click on the Task Bar and click on ‘More Details
  2. Select ‘Startup’ tab
  3. Click on the application and click ‘Disable’
  4. Now press Win + R
  5. Type ‘msconfig’ and press Enter
  6. Select services tab
  7. Check to hide all Microsoft services and then disable all services
  8. Restart the computer and see if the error code is resolved

Solution 5: Use the troubleshooter

  1. Press Win + X and select Control Panel
  2. Type ‘troubleshooting’ on the Search Bar and press Enter
  3. On the option troubleshoot computer problems, click ‘System and Security’
  4. Click on ‘Windows Update’
  5. Click on ‘Advance’ and then select ‘Run as Administrator’
  6. Press ‘Next’
  7. Check if the issue is now resolved.


If you are still facing the error code 0x80071a90, then call us on the customer care number and we can help you out right away.