How to Fix Error Code 0X80070643

The error code 0x80070643 is one of the various errors that can occur while working on Windows operating system. This error can come up during an automatic update of Windows or during the installation of Security Essentials or even during the installation of a Windows program.

The common reasons for this the error 0x800070643 to happen:

  • Failure to install the latest Windows updates
  • Damaged or corrupt system files
  • Inability to access some data files that require authentication during installation
  • Virus or malware infection
  • Corrupt .Net Framework
  • Corrupt or disabled Microsoft Source Engine (Ose.exe)
  • Installed third party antivirus or malware program
  • Error in computer system registry

Note: The error code 0x80070643 doesn’t interrupt the functioning of the computer. However, updates can’t be installed till this error is resolved.

DIY Solutions to Fix Error Code 0X80070643

There can be more than one reason for the error 0x80070643 to occur. Here are some DIY solutions that can help to fix the issue for you.

 Solution 1: Fix Virus or Malware Infection

  1. Run a complete scan with the installed antivirus or malware program
  2. Once the scan is over restart the computer and check if the issue still persists
  3. If the error occurred during the scan, then try updating the software and check once more

Solution 2: Uninstall Antivirus or Malware Program

  1. Click on the installed antivirus and disable it
  2. Check if the error has got resolved. If not,
  3. Uninstall the antivirus temporarily and then run programs again
  4. If the error is resolved, then install the antivirus all over again.

Note: Running two third party antivirus programs can cause this error. You need to remove one antivirus and keep the other one.

Solution 3: Repair Damaged System Files

With regular installation and uninstallation of programs, system files sometimes get corrupt. Here is how to fix the error 0x80070643 in such circumstances.

  1. Click ‘Start Menu’
  2. Navigate to ‘All Programs’ and then ‘Accessories’
  3. Right click on ‘Command Prompt’
  4. Select, ‘Run as administrator’
  5. Type ‘sfc/scannow’ in the prompt and press ENTER

Let the tool run the program completely and repair any corrupt system files. Once complete, run programs and check if the error is fixed.

Solution 4: Restart (OSE) Service

The error code 0x80070643 can occur due to the Office Source Engine (OSE) service being disabled.

Note: This will work if the error occurs at the time of installation of the OSE-related updates.

  1. Press Win + R keys together and open ‘Run’
  2. Type, ‘services.msc’ and then press ENTER
  3. Identify the OSE
  4. Double click the OSE and check the startup status.
  5. Check if it is disabled and turn it to automatic
  6. Now check if the error is resolved.

Solution 5: Update/Repair .Net Framework

The .NET Framework is very important for running all programs smoothly. It not only supports proper installation but also updates. An outdated or damaged .NET Framework will cause error 0x80070643.

  1. Close all existing running programs
  2. Go to Control Panel and Click on Programs
  3. Navigate to ‘Program and Features’
  4. Identify, ‘Microsoft .NET Framework Client Profile’
  5. Select, ‘Repair .NET Framework Client Profile’ and click ‘NEXT’
  6. Click Finish once the process completes
  7. Click ‘Restart Now’ and restart the computer.

Note: If the .NET Framework is missing, you need to download and install it once more. Once done, run programs and see if the error is resolved.