How to Fix Recovery Error Code 0XC0000034 While Booting

There are different kinds of error code that can occur in Windows operating system. While, each error code has a specific reason behind it, the Recovery error code 0xc0000034 often occurs due to shut down problems.

Recovery Error Code 0XC0000034

Fix Recovery Error Code 0XC0000034 in Windows

Windows 0xc0000034 error code can be termed as Blue Screen of Death. It occurs when you start the computer and are unable to boot the operating system and the screen just turns blue. The error message indicates that there is a problem in the Boot Configuration Data (BCD) file. When you see the error code 0xc0000034 that means that the BCD file is damaged. There can be different reasons why this file is damaged including malicious programs, power outage and even incorrect shut down among others.

Fix Error Code 0XC0000034

This error code occurs at the time of the startup. There is one solution to fix the error 0xc0000034 and for that you need to use Windows operating system DVD or USB installation disk. You need to create one on a separate computer that is connected to the internet, if the original installation disk is not available.

Here is how to create the installation media and that can be a USB or DVD

  1. Insert the USB in the other computer and with no issues
  2. Go to Microsoft website and download the Media Creation Tool
  3. After successful download, run this tool. This tool will ask whether you want to upgrade the operating system or want to create the installation media.
  4. Select and tick, ‘Create installation media for another computer
  5. Select, ‘Create bootable USB’ instead of ISO file
  6. Wait for the tool to download the required files and then for the tool to create bootable USB that you need
  7. Now remove the USB safely from the computer

Steps to Fix Recovery Error Code 0XC0000034

  1. Insert the installation USB in the computer
  2. Press F8 to start boot from the installation disk rather than the hard drive.
  3. Click ‘NEXT’ on the startup menu
  4. Click, ‘Repair your computer’ on the screen
  5. Now click on ‘Troubleshoot’
  6. Click on ‘Advanced options’
  7. Now select, ‘Command Prompt’
  8. Type ‘bootrec/fixmbr’ and then press ENTER
  9. Now type, ‘bootrec/fixboot’ and press ENTER
  10. Type, ‘bootrec/scanos’ and press ENTER
  11. Type, ‘bootrec/rebuild’ and press ENTER
  12. Once all instructions have completed, remove the installation disk and restart your computer

The damaged BCD file should be now repaired, and you should be able to work normally on your computer.