If you are getting the error code 0x8007025D on your Windows 8 or 10, then there could be more than one issue to it. The error code is common when booting the BIOS to USB when installing Windows 10. The other reason where this error can occur is when you do a clean install of Windows 10. This happens due to the loss of the activation key. If you have done a recent upgrade, then the activation key will be linked with the new operating system.

You can also get a dialogue box that states, ‘The Installation was canceled, any changes made to your computer won’t be saved’ even though the Windows 10 installation was not canceled by you, but happened automatically. Further the screen would read, ‘Windows Cannot Install Required Files, Make sure all files required for installation are available, and restart the installation. Error Code: 0x8007025D’.

The error 0x8007025D is also common with Windows 8 installation. The installation will fail before it is 100% and throw up the error message box.


Solution 1: Automatic Troubleshooting

Check for the following things to troubleshoot and diagnose the error.

  • Check if the registry files and system files on the system are correct and not corrupted
  • To fix any corrupt registry files, scan the computer with Total System Care
  • Fix all identified issues and see if you are still getting the error.

Solution 2:Change Boot Option

In this solution, you need to change the primary boot option to your DVD-ROM and then restart the computer. Make sure, all your important data is backed up before you move ahead.

  1. During the reboot, press the necessary key and choose the BIOS or boot drive
  2. Once the computer boots, you will be shown the combination of keys you need to press while the motherboard loads
  3. Once in the BIOS, change the Boot Priority option to the DVD-ROM or Flash Drive
  4. Change the language settings to English US
  5. Restart the computer and then open the installation tool as Admin
  6. Press the key for boot options and remove the USB or DVD before the PC boots
  7. Now insert the external media after booting.
  8. Change the boot option and see if the error has now resolved.

Solution 3: Disable Third Party Antivirus

This error can also show up due to interference with third party antivirus software. It has been observed, that Norton Internet Security program has a compatibility issue with Windows 10. Try to disable the antivirus program and the error should be fixed.

If it is any other antivirus, disable it temporarily and see if the installation error code 0x8007025D is resolved.

Solution 4: Delete Temporary Files

  1. Press Win + Q and access the search menu
  2. Type, ‘disk cleanup’ and press Enter
  3. Select ‘Clean Option’ and the tool will do an analysis of the system
  4. Once the scan has completed, select, ‘clean system files’ option
  5. Once the process is complete, upgrade the Windows using DVD
  6. Check if the error is now resolved.

Solution 5: Use Media Creation Tool

To fix this error code, use Microsoft Media Creation tool when trying to upgrade from an earlier version of Windows 10. You need to do a clean install of the previous operating system.

Run the media creation tool and then select Flash Drive option. Now reinstall Windows 10 once more. Check if the error is resolved.