The error code 80072f8f is a Windows update issue and affects both computers and Windows mobiles equally. The occurrence of this error prevents the computer from checking any available updates automatically. The error message would state: ‘Windows could not search for new updates. An error occurred while checking for new updates for your computer’ or “Can’t check for updates automatically” or “Code 80072f8f, Windows Update encountered an Unknown error”.

Common Reasons for the error code 80072F8F

  1. Junk files with current threats
  2. Corrupt system files
  3. Corrupt registry files, especially DLL files that help in updates
  4. Incorrect time settings on the computer
  5. Firewall and installed third party security programs
  6. Damaged or corrupt update is installed, particularly if updateKB 2919355 is damaged
  7. Pending updates not installed

DIY Solutions to Fix Error Code 80072F8F

Solution 1: Simple Troubleshooting Steps

  1. Run a full scan of the computer with the installed antivirus
  2. Disable both Firewall and third party security software
  3. Access Windows Update site and check if the error is fixed

Solution 2: Configure Time Settings

  1. Press Win + R keys and open the dialogue box
  2. Type ‘Control Panel’ and press Enter
  3. Open ‘Date and Time’
  4. Press ‘Change Date and Time’ and modify the time if required
  5. Configure the Time Zone and press OK
  6. Click on ‘Internet Time’ and select ‘Change Settings’
  7. Check, ‘Synchronize with an Internet time server’ before you select the Time Server from the list
  8. Click ‘Update Now’
  9. Press ‘OK’ twice and complete the configuration and close all open Windows
  10. Access Windows Update and press ‘OK’ twice to complete configuration and close all open windows
  11. The error should now be fixed.

Solution 3 Remove Junk Files

Keeping junk files not only eats up on space but can also be harmful for the computer. Here’s how to remove junk files from your computer.

  1. Press Win + X and open menu
  2. Select ‘Command Prompt’ with Admin option
  3. Click ‘Yes’ and run the Command Prompt as Administrator
  4. Type ‘cleanmgr’ and hit Enter
  5. Check all dialogue boxes with unrequired files including the temporary files box
  6. Click ‘OK’ and allow the tool to remove all Junk files
  7. Check with Windows Update id the error is resolved or not

Solution 4: Install Pending Updates

  1. Click ‘Start’
  2. Type ‘Update’ in search box and hit Enter
  3. Look for uninstalled update on the Windows Update dialogue box.
  4. Right click and update each of them
  5. Restart the computer and access Windows Update and try installing updates.
  6. The error should be fixed now.

Solution 5: Re-register DLL Files

  1. Click ‘Start’
  2. Type ‘Command Prompt’ and press Enter
  3. Run the Command Prompt as Admin and then click ‘Continue’
  4. Type ‘regsv32Softpub.dll/s’ in the prompt and hit Enter
  5. Type ‘regsv32 Initpki.dll/s’, ‘regsvr32 Wintrust.dll/s’ and ‘regsvr32 Mssip32.dll/s’ in the prompt and hit Enter after every Entry
  6. Close the Command Prompt and restart the computer
  7. Try to install the pending updates now