Choice of fonts while working on any document entirely depends on the individual’s discretion and preference. Some people prefer very straight-jacketed fonts, whereas, others love to experiment with them and for some people fonts serve as a tool to heighten the impact of certain ideas. Whatever be the case, you surely need the liberty to play around with the default font, especially when you are dealing with intense data stocked in your Microsoft Excel 2007 workbook on your Windows XP PC. In most cases people resist changing the fonts out of fear of spoiling the workbook’s default settings. But that is not the case. Each time you alter the font, they get registered as a new workbook, whereas, the ones in the default workbook stay the same. Well, now that all your doubts are taken care of, it is time to go creative and make a lasting impression through your fonts. Let us see how:

1. Open Microsoft Excel
2. Click the “Microsoft Office Button”, and then click “Excel Options”.
3. In the “Popular” category, under “When creating new workbooks” you can:
• Click the font that you want to use, in the “Use this font” box.
• Select the font size that you want to use, in the “Font Size” box.
• Click “OK” and then click “OK” again in the confirmation dialog box.
4. You must restart Excel to begin using the new default font and font size.