If you are trying to access a folder, saved on your Windows XP-based PC and an error message is displayed across the screen “Access is denied”, what would you do? Well, you can retry accessing the same, but if this trial also turned futile, it would surely be a frustrating and a worrisome experience. Rather than running to the closest vendor, in your neighborhood, you can try to resolve the same by following the simple step mentioned here. Such an error message is typically displayed when you are attempting to access a folder that was created in a different file system and using a previous installation of Windows.

In your Windows XP-based PC, this is what you can do…

1. Right-click on the folder.
2. Select “Properties” from the drop down menu.
3. Click on the “Security” tab and then click on the “Advanced” button.
4. In the ‘Advanced Security Settings for Shared Documents’ window, select the “Owner” tab.
5. Change the Owner to the current user account and then click “OK”.
6. To check the username, click “Start” and look for the name at the top of the Start menu.
7. Get back to the ‘Security’ tab and make sure that the ‘Full Control’ check box is marked under ‘Allow’, next to ‘Full Control’ for all the users listed under ‘Group or user name’.
8. Click “Add”, type “everyone” in the box and click “Check Names”, and then click “OK”.
9. Allow “Full control” to “Everyone” too and click on “OK”.
10. Then try to open the Folder. You can follow these steps for files and programs too.


By following the simple steps mentioned here, you can easily access the folder and all its files saved therein, which was earlier impossible.