You want to put a good content together and have some great graphics in mind. Or you have got hold of some really useful data, which you may not need immediately but would want to use it on a later occasion…how do you think you can manage situations like these? Well, you can easily resolve such problems with the help of add-ins that may be added externally or may already exist on your Windows XP PC. So how do you identify them? And how can you put them to use even without being aware that they exist? The answer is that you detect and view these add-ins, which may be active, un-active or support specific functions. By following a few quick steps you will know that these add ins were just a click away and perform an entire range of functions, right from enhancing the speed and storage capacity to giving you interesting graphics and other options while working in a Microsoft Excel document. Let us learn the trick of identifying these add-ins with some quick steps:

  1. Open Microsoft Excel
  2. Click the “Microsoft Office Button”
  3. Click “Excel Options”, and then click “Add-Ins”
  4. View the add-ins and application extensions that are categorized as:
    1. “Active Application Add-ins”
    2. “Inactive Application Add-ins”
    3. “Document Related Add-ins”
    4. “Disabled Application Add-ins”