PowerPoint is one of the most creative aspects of Microsoft 2007 that can help you to churn out a great content. They have a lot of room for visually appealing and creative content. But at times these creative elements can add a lot of weight to your file in terms of its size. Now that is surely a concern because this directly affects your speed and output. What if you get an added memory to stock all your heavy PowerPoint files while working on your Windows XP PC? Well, nothing can be better! What if I was to tell you that your computer may already have that extra space? Yes, it is tough to believe but true. All you need to do is to identify if certain add-ins are installed in your computer to support your current memory. This might sound a bit technical but is extremely easy.

Steps you need to Follow:

1. Open Microsoft Excel
2. Click the “Microsoft Office Button”
3. Click “Excel Options”, and then click “Add-Ins”
4. View the add-ins and application extensions that are categorized as:
• “Active Application Add-ins”
• “Inactive Application Add-ins”
• “Document Related Add-ins”
• “Disabled Application Add-ins”

A few easy steps and you are sorted in no time.